Brain Keys


Thank you for choosing our product. Brain Keys is more than just a game! Brain Keys aims to strengthen thinking skills. There are four different levels available. The one you are holding is the fourth level. It is designed for anyone 8 years of age or older. Brain Keys is a great tool to help rewire your brain.

Birth of an Idea

Think of your brain as a muscle. If you want to improve your brain fitness, you need to give your brain a little workout. The right side of the brain is the artistic side and is linked to creativity, color visualization, imagination and intuition. Since the majority of people are left-brain dominant, Brain Keys was born to exercise the right side of the brain.

Unlike all other pattern games, Brain Keys integrates diverse and beautifully colored wooden cubes that are used to build exceptionally unique and distinctive patterns. This is expressed through 4 different Brain Keys. Each has its own special theme with various degrees of complexities.


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